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Save with sets! 

Originally painted with ink and acrylic on Plywood, these paintings are available in beautiful, premium prints. Create your own a stunning gallery at home with Aleisha Zappia's unique plywood series prints.

Available in A3 and A4, 240gsm Archival premium luster paper prints.

Will fit store bought frames. Easy. 


Mix and match 4 plywood bird prints save!


7 to choose from: 


  1. Reggie, Rainbow Lorikeet
  2. Peppa, Pink and Grey galah
  3. Belinda, Black Cockatoo
  4. Pete, Pelican
  5. Scarlett, Macaw
  6. Lenny, Leafy seadragon
  7. Connie, Crimson Rosella.
  8. Kingsley, Kingfisher.



Plywood Prints - set of 4

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